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002: What is Personal Development?

what is personal development

What is Personal Development?

When you think about personal development, what comes to mind?  Is it something everyone needs?  As a matter of fact, how is it developed and why do we need it.  These may be some of the thoughts that run through your mind.

Personal Development is simply the process of change that builds personal value.  It is self-inflicted change that occurs on the inside of a person in order to affect the outside.  The purpose for personal development in relation to business is to become more valuable to the marketplace in which you serve.

I will answer the question, What is Personal Development, in two unique ways.  I believe there are two phases of personal development.  Both phases exist for the sole purpose of becoming a more valuable person; one who solves problems for others.

Phase One:  Self-Discovery

Phase one includes what I call, the GIVEE principle.  GIVEE stands for genetics, influences, values, education and experiences.  Together these characteristics are combined to help a person discover the value they currently possess.  Before we can fix a problem we must first figure out where the problem is occurring.  It will be extremely difficult for you to become more valuable to others when you don’t know what value you possess.

Once you can examine your GIVEE and discover who you are, then you can decide what needs to be changed.  The goal here is to analyze who you are or who you’ve become at this very moment.  This is important because what you have at the moment, you’ve attracted into your life by the person you’ve become.  In other words, you get who you are.

Phase Two:  Value-Building Process

Phase two includes what I call, the MAAPP process.  MAAPP stands for mindset, attitude, action, progress and production.  This is the phase when you begin to change and start building more value.  Once you discover who you are and the value you have to offer others; you’ll now want to know how you can change and become of greater value.

You see, everyone has potential but it’s what we do with that potential that determines if we’ll live our greatest potential and become more valuable to others.  If you will change, everything will change for you.  Remember, seek to change the inside and the outside will change.  By purposely seeking to change your MAAPP, you position yourself to create more personal value.


It pays to know ‘What is Personal Development?’

In closing, I want you to understand that in order to build your business you must first build yourself.  Your success in business is a direct reflection of your personal development.  When you take responsibility for who you are and what you do then you can begin to change and therefore become more valuable to others.

When you become more valuable, you can earn more money.  How so?  Because we get paid for bringing value to the marketplace.  Our income is a result of the value we provide and the problems we solve.  I once heard Jim Rohn say, “It takes time to bring value to the marketplace but we don’t get paid for time.  We get paid for the value we put in time.”



It’s possible to become 10x as valuable and make 10x more money than you’re making now.  It all starts with discovering yourself and building more personal value.


So, what are some of the things you do for personal development?


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