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034: Tell Your Own Story

Tell Your Own Story



What’s your story?


Whatever it is…. tell it!


Tell your story about how you overcome obstacles to accomplish your goals.  Tell others about your own experience with the products and/or services you sell.  Tell your story about how you create value for others.  Tell your story about how you discovered your usefulness to others.


My point is…

you have a story to tell and you many not realize it yet.

Your story must be identified.


Your story is identified within the value-building process you’ve undergone throughout your entire life.  Think about who you are and who you’re becoming in the process of achieving your goals.  Think about your genetics, influences, values, education and experiences.


How have all these qualities and characteristics contributed to who you are and what are you doing daily to change who you are into who you want to be.


There’s a story within it all and you must identify it and tell it.  Your story will add value to the lives of those who follow you.


What entrepreneurial story are you telling?



tell your own story


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How to Brand Yourself Online – Communicate Personal Value

How to Brand Yourself Online?

how to brand yourself online

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001: Vision of Branded Entrepreneur


What is the Vision of Branded Entrepreneur?

To transform home business entrepreneurs into branded entrepreneurs who tell their own story and build their own dreams.

My goal is to help 1000 home business entrepreneurs per year tell their own story & build their own dreams.  Whatever your personal story and personal dreams may be; my aim is to equip you and guide you into personal achievement.  My desire is seeing you living your greatest potential.

How will this vision take place?

The vision will come to pass by teaching the following 3 elements of My Personal Development System:

  1. Create Personal Value:  here is where I teach each branded entrepreneur my 2 Phases of Personal Development (Self-discovery & the Value-Building Process)
  2. Deliver Personal Value:  here is where I teach each branded entrepreneur my 3 Fundamentals of Internet Marketing (Create Valuable Content; Deliver Valuable Content; Communicate Valuable Content)
  3. Communicate Personal Value:  here is where I teach each branded entrepreneur my 4 Stages of Personal Branding (Dig Up Your Own Story; Determine Your Target Market; Tell Your Own Story; Build A Community Network)


Who Am I?  (My Brand Statement)

I am an internet marketing & personal development coach who uses a unique system of training home business entrepreneurs on how to create & deliver personal value to their target market at a profit.