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003: How to Be a Compassionate Entrepreneur


How to Be a Compassionate Entrepreneur


What does being compassionate have to do with entrepreneurship?  

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase that people don’t want to know what you have to offer or who you are until they know how much you care.  Becoming a compassionate person will help you to better serve your customers and business partners.  Compassionate people truly care about the needs of others.

This is why I focus on what it means to be a compassionate entrepreneur in today’s episode.


I was inspired to talk about this after realizing that I was not very compassionate myself.  My wife helped me to see that I wasn’t very caring (or at least didn’t show it).  I fought it tooth and nails because no one wants to hear they are not caring, but the reality was that I wasn’t and my relationships showed it.


One day while speaking with a customer on the phone it clicked for me.  I’d been thinking about what it means to truly care about people and what it means to meet their needs.  And as I continued to speak with customers over the phone that day I noticed that people just want to be served.  They just want their needs met by someone who is capable and willing to help them.


All it took was a decision to be a person of compassion.  It isn’t a one time decision but it’s a daily decision.  I would even say it’s a moment by moment decision that must become a habit. Our decisions are made based on our attitude at the time of the decision and our attitudes are influenced by our thoughts.


If you desire to become a person of compassion; one who practices caring for the needs of others you must deal with this at the root.  The root to the thoughts that lead to the decision to care about someone’s needs starts with the things that influence our thoughts.  So, what influences our thoughts?  Words & images… You want to place yourself in an environment where you’re being influenced by positive words and images that will keep you thinking like the compassionate person you desire to be.


The intensity by which you work on developing the habit of thinking, feeling & acting like a compassionate person will determine how quick you begin to get results.  There will be times when people will challenge your decision to become compassionate.  This is why you don’t ever want to become comfortable and think you’ve arrived and you no longer need to practice being compassionate.


You can become a compassionate entrepreneur if you really want to be one.  The benefits is that people will know, feel and experience your compassion.  They will know you care and when they know you care they will trust you enough to buy your product, secure your service and join your business.



What challenges do you face in becoming a compassionate entrepreneur?