005: How to Avoid Being Overwhelmed?


how to avoid being overwhelmed


How to Avoid Being Overwhelmed?


Why do so many home business entrepreneurs find themselves overwhelmed so easily?  With the vast amount of information made available on a daily basis online it doesn’t take much to become overwhelmed.


There is one sure way to avoid being overwhelmed.  The one way I’m referring to is to Take Action!  


The main reason home business entrepreneurs become overwhelmed is because after spending time improving their personal value they don’t follow-through on what I call my 3 Elements of My Personal Development System.  The 3 elements involves the following components:

  1. Create Personal Value
  2. Deliver Personal Value
  3. Communicate Personal Value


Most home business entrepreneurs have identified how to improve their personal value but it’s what occurs afterwards that causes you to become overwhelmed.  After you discover and create personal value you must do something with that personal value.  This leads to the taking action part that I’ve identified as the missing element.


After you create personal value, you must deliver and communicate that personal value to a targeted audience.  It isn’t a huge ordeal how you get it delivered and communicated; the point is that you must get your value delivered and communicated in some way, shape or form online.


As you become more consistent overtime with taking action, you’ll become more effective and proficient at how you take action.  This is why I love what I heard Les Brown say one day,


“You don’t have to be great to get started, but you have to get started to become great!”



You may be wondering about some practical ways you can take action.  Well, the best way to deliver and communicate personal value is to teach what you learn.  The general rule of thumb is to learn what to teach and then teach what you learn.  I learned this principle from my pastor.  Ray Higdon also coaches his mentees using what he calls the ‘ILT’ principle.  ILT means to invest, learn and teach.


By investing in yourself, learning new material and teaching what you learn to others; you position yourself to never be overwhelmed with new information.  How so?  Because it prevents you from having unused data stored in your mind.


When you put the information you learn to use then it isn’t wasteful.  Waste slows everything down, which is why you seem overwhelmed by all the information you learn.  Most of it is being wasted because you are not putting it to use.


David Wood, the owner of Empower Network, teaches his affiliates to simultaneously learn, do and teach.  This is quite similar to what Les Brown, Ray Higdon and my pastor teaches.  When you learn, do and teach then you are constantly growing.  You are fulfilling the 3 elements of My Personal Development System:  Create Value, Deliver Value and Communicate Value.



What are some of the things you do to avoid being overwhelmed?


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