053: My Daily Routine

My Daily Routine

There is one thing I discovered years ago that brought about a major change in my life.  As I began to listen to personal development speakers and teachers, the common thread among them all was they had a daily routine.

I discovered that those leaders who had the most influence on others in both their personal and business relationships followed a daily routine.

The Development of My Daily Routine

In today’s Branded Entrepreneur episode, I share with you my daily routine.  It continues to be a work in progress and have been adjusted over the years.  I continue to get better at consistently maintaining my daily routine.


The first step was in creating a daily routine that included the daily tasks and priorities which allowed me to live my daily life according to my life governing values.


Once I developed my ideal daily routine specifically catered to my goals, dreams & aspirations then the next step was in developing the character of a person who can consistently follow and maintain a daily routine.


How is your progress towards creating & maintaining a daily routine of your own?


my daily routine

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