036: Promote One Consistent Message

Promote One Consistent Message

Remember to promote one message across all of your communication channels.  This helps to establish your identity online.

Using the same message and keywords in your marketing will also contribute to SEO (search engine optimization) exposure.

For example, the message for my Branded Entrepreneur podcast show is in line with my Fabulous Marketing brand.  I am the brand and everything I do is consistent with my vision, mission and message of helping 1000 home business entrepreneurs every year tell their own story and build their own dreams.

I provide personal development, internet marketing and personal branding tools and education to home business entrepreneurs, network marketing professionals and small business owners.  When you encounter me and my brand you ought to come across the same marketing message regardless of the communication channel I’m using to deliver my message.

The same applies to you and your brand.  Promote one consistent message.

What is your business marketing message?

promote one consistent message

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