029: Become Familiar with Online Social Technologies

Become Familiar with Online Social Technologies


Is social media a part of your branding strategy?


If so, choosing what social media outlets to focus on is very important to your online branding success.  The most widely visited platforms include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Linked In.   Learn how to maneuver your way around each one of these platforms and communicate one message in separately unique ways.


Create a Facebook business page and link that page to your blog, your twitter and linked-in accounts.  Keep your business page filled with business oriented content as business prospects, potential customers and colleagues will see what you post.


Keep your business Twitter separate from your personal Twitter.  Follow thought leaders and other people in the home business industry you find resourceful.  Tweet links to current industry news, or re-tweet relevant tweets to your followers.  Use the Twitter-feed to link your blog directly to your Twitter account so it automatically sends out tweets to your followers when you post new blog posts.


Linked-In has millions of professionals from all around the world.  Here you can easily connect and interact with others in the home business industry or any other field.



become familiar with online social technologies


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